Editorial Workflow Automation

Ace is the most intuitive and advance Editorial Workflow Automation application that manages all content assets, and publishes across all media channels. Ace simplifies the process of managing editorial content and workflow. It is flexible and allows for publishing your content with user-rights management at various editorial levels. Its versatile user interface makes the entire process smooth. Ace users can receive immediate notification when new assignment arrive, with it’s easy- to- use user interface and all features are implemented in an HTML5 responsive user interface that can be used on any device.No need to install any application on client machine and users can access from anywhere, anytime. Ace provides the most advanced tools to simplify creation and publishing. Within a Ace newsroom, journalists have a transparent overview and control of how content items were utilized on diverse media platforms.

Key features

  • Cross-platform
  • Modern user interface
  • Built-in messaging system
  • Support multiple languages simultaneously
  • Wire, Bureau, RSS, Email, SMS handling
  • Full text search
  • Realtime Notifications
  • Contacts and guest contacts management
  • Social Media Integration
  • CMS Connectivity
  • All channels centric workflow
  • Task Planner
  • Plug-ins for Adobe InDesign
  • REST API Interface
  • Management reports

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